Promoting the Best Interests of International Insurers and Puerto Rico‘s International Insurance Center

Introducing the Puerto Rico International Insurers Association

The Puerto Rico International Insurers Association ("PRIIA") was formed in 2015 to bring together the various international insurers registered under Puerto Rico's International Insurance Center. Our intention is to create a single body that can respond to and advise the related parties on insurance issues, and to serve as a single voice in discussions with Puerto Rico's Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, which serves as the main insurance industry regulator.

One of the primary focuses of PRIIA is to contribute to the promotion of Puerto Rico as a well-regulated and respected jurisdiction for International Insurers, while also guiding for companies interested in entering the island's International Center. PRIIA and its members strive to serve an important role in the development of education programs directed towards professionals in the domestic insurance sector and advance the opportunities that lie within the international insurance sector.


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